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07 August 2019

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Types of medical tourism in Iran : according to the definitions of the World Tourism Organization (UN-WTO), one of the goals that can drive tourists to travel for health, which is what health tourism describes into. In fact, health tourism, a kind of tourism in order to maintain, improve and regain the physical and mental health of a person for a period of more than 24 hours and less than one year, a health tourist can travel from a permanent place of residence to use health care to bring its physical and emotional health. A kind of tourism that has become popular today in Iran and tourists it is worth noting that health tourism in Iran has a very short history, in fact, in 2003, for the first time, medical tourism was recognized from the Ministry of Health. Of course, has focused more on the issue of job creation for medical graduates, rather than on the advent of health tourism, but since the merger of the cultural heritage Organization and the tourism Organization independently in 2003, paid more attention about medical tourism.

But among the definitions of the world tourism Organization, there are other terms that extend the scope of health tourism.

Health tourism is a type of medical tourism that is as follows:

Medical tourism that is divided into three sections.

medical tourism

1.Health tourism:

Traveling to health villages and mineral springs without doctor intervention

2.Curative tourism:

Use of mineral waters, salt, natural slime, sunblock areas, and more.  Under the supervision and intervention of the doctor.


3.Medical tourism:

Travel to treat illness and carry out surgery under the supervision of doctors in treatment centers that are in addition to the treatment of the patient.

Health Wellness (Wellness Tourism)


Wellness toursim is one of these words is the travel of tourists to health villages and areas with mineral springs and hot water (SPA). In this type of tourist trip, a trip is being made to escape from the tensions of everyday life and regeneration without medical intervention and supervision. Usually these tourists do not have a definite physical illness and they are more likely to benefit from the healing nature of other areas.


Therapeutic tourism (Curative Tourism)


It also means travel for tourists to use natural resources (mineral water, salt, sludge, etc.), which is usually used for the treatment of certain diseases or for the recovery period under medical supervision and intervention. This kind of tourism has been considered by the tourism authorities of the country these days. Especially the mud treatment that has greatly popularized the nature of Iran among neighboring countries.


Medical Tourism (Health Tourism)


Another type of health tourism is the use of travel medicine to treat physical illness or carry out some type of surgical operations under the supervision of doctors in hospitals and medical centers. In this type of health tourism, the patient may require the use of spa tourism spaces and services after treatment and in which case his travel may be completed by traveling to places where these facilities are available.


Hospitals around the world are using first-rate doctors and advanced technology and cheap prices seeking to attract new patients.


Jamie Johnson, who was diagnosed with diabetes when he traveled to Thailand with a Christian reader last month, suffered ankylosing infection, and his kidneys died out. He was taken to Malaysia’s Bumrugrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. He had not yet come to Thailand and had never heard of this hospital either. But lucky enough to get to the first Asian hospital with international credibility and one of the most modern and most efficient medical facilities in the world.

Last year, the hospital cured 400,000 foreign patients, more than any other hospital in the world in more than 150 countries, for any illness from heart disease to hip replacements and breast implants.


The attraction of the hospital is to provide world-class care but at the expense of developing countries and will receive patients like a five-star hotel. While medical treatment prices are rising in advanced countries Americans spent 16 percent of GDP on health care last year, and Europeans are not far from this figure-the idea of going out to gain more health is gaining more and more attraction.  he does.


According to Joseph Woodman, author of the book “Patients Without Borders”, more than 150,000 Americans and Europeans are now seeking medical treatment abroad. India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia have the largest supporters for major surgeries.

Health tourism in Iran


Health tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors of the tourism industry in the world, which has attracted and planned for the involved organizations and countries interested in developing tourism. Industrial livelihoods in most countries the world brings with its requirements and has created needs for people of different societies. Nowadays, people’s desire for fitness, the use of natural resources and vitamins, pain reduction, stress management, and increased mental health and body are very impressive. That is why in many parts of the world natural therapies such as the use of hot springs are very much considered, and all people, including low income and highs, tend to this type of tourism. Hot springs of the place it is suitable for creating tourist resorts. By creating recreational centers and providing services and facilities in these places, they can be turned into first-rate tourism destinations for tourists, because they will have both fun and exciting moments, as well as health and relaxing. In addition to the natural attractions and therapeutic methods of therapeutic tourism to heart the ILI is also considered because the export of medical services is a well-known principle for strengthening the healthcare system of the countries. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, based on its plans, must develop 30% of the health and medical needs of the country by the end of the fourth plan. Through the export of goods, medical services and health tourism. In addition to the need to export medical goods and services, health tourism income can also be tempting for countries, especially Asian countries, who are thinking of moving forward in development. This has led some Asian countries, such as Singapore, Thailand and India, dramatically it promotes the promotion of therapeutic services among patients worldwide. There are no statistics on the turnover generated by health resort tourism, but according to World Health Statistics, about $ 50 billion annually is spent on the treatment of patients in the region in European and American countries, with a percentage gain of this amount can have a dramatic effect on the economy of circulation Ray Asian countries have.

Planning structure for health tourism


Therapeutic tourism can be considered as an interdisciplinary instrument that needs to be coordinated due to having multiple custodians. The cultural heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, the ministry of health, medical education and the ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of welfare are among the devices. which, according to their jurisdiction, are somehow the decision makers of this issue. Health tourism policy is being pursued at the cultural Heritage, handicrafts and Tourism Organization under the chairmanship of the Tourism Deputy of the organization. The committee, with the presence of representatives from the social security welfare Organization, the ministry of health, the deputy director of tourism development, the director general of the development and investment projects, the head of health tourism headquarters (health tourism), the head of the marketing and advertising office, the member and representative of the chairman and director of resources supply  And the budget of the cultural Heritage and tourism organization. The large-scale establishment of the health tourism system, with the cooperation of all relevant institutions, the regulation of the required laws, in accordance with the international approvals in this field, the receipt of currency revenues for the country through the provision of medical services  To tourists, to create cooperation between the two  The objective and the intricacies of the development of health tourism, the organization of domestic patients who travel abroad for treatment, and strategic planning and design consistent with the outlook of the country’s 20-year horizon in this section, are the goals of the Council for health tourism policy. The health also has a therapeutic tourism management subsidiary in his department of health, currently engaged in planning and coordination at the ministry of health’s deputy directorate and other responsible departments.  The ministry of Health and medical education has plans for the development of therapeutic tourism that is still in the process of approval of the internal structure of the ministry and consultation with other devices. The comprehensive plan of health tourism in the country is one of those programs that has not yet reached the result.  Some of the provisions of this plan are acceptable at the Ministry of Health’s deputy health department, and another part that requires legal assignments must be approved by the government. Some of them also require agreement between the involved organizations. The efforts to attract the patient, the provision of the patient’s entry into Iran, the supervision of health centers, and the collection of patient statistics, including details of the plan, are required by the ministry of health. If the plan is finalized, hospitals and treatment centers that treat foreign patients are obliged. To inform the health department of the patient’s profile. According to the plan, hospitals and medical institutions active in this regard should be among the first-class hospitals and provide a range of appropriate health services. After the implementation of the plan, a series of hospitals and treatment centers that have foreign patient admission requirements are introduced to foreign patients. Another of the ongoing programs in the ministry of health was the issuance of a health visa, which, if approved by the foreign ministry would grant concessions to recipients of the visa. The faster visa issuance, and during the legal procedures of the airport at a lesser time, including privileges this is a visa.

Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism


The comprehensive health tourism plan is one of the measures taken in the health tourism headquarters of the cultural heritage, Handicrafts and tourism organization.

The plan aims to provide massive healthcare tourism policies, the potential of the health system, the creation of strong facilities International marketing for the development and equipping of health tourism and the presentation at exhibitions abroad, especially in the Persian Gulf countries, has been one of the other activities of the organization. Tourism Center has developed the comprehensive “medical tourism safety” based on the resolution of the ninth world tourism organization summit set is also on its agenda. Among other programs of the headquarters is creating the necessary fields for insurance of incoming and outgoing tourists by concluding a memorandum of understanding with Sina Insurance Company and Entrepreneur, which has been signed by the parties and ready for implementation. Studies on hydrotherapy centers and attempts to absorb the investment for the construction of these centers is one of the other programs of the cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism organization, and the profile of water treatment is also being collected, which is to be compiled as a book.


Among the Iranian rivals in the field of therapeutic tourism in the region, India, Singapore, Dubai and Jordan can be mentioned that are planning to attract patients from Asian countries. Singapore is one of the goals that many patients must carry out for major surgeries. Every year, about 1.5 million people travel to the country for medical purposes. Important surgical procedures, such as open heart, robotic and stem cells, are ongoing in this country, but interestingly, Singapore now it must compete with Thailand, India and Malaysia, because these countries are offering the same services Meth’s are less a threat to Singapore. For example, heart surgery in Singapore is costing more than $ 16,000, which can be done in India at half the price and is expected soon in Dubai.  It would be a big threat to the country.

India is currently one of the leading tourism destinations in the country and its healthcare providers and government officials are likely to introduce India as the destination of tourism and health services at the second London-based health tourism fair. According to Indian health officials, the number of foreign patients has increased by about 7 to 9 percent from last year, according to reports, with a growth of 30 percent annually in health tourism in the region of $ 2.2 billion.

Privileges of Iran for health tourism


One of the attractions and privileges of Iran for health tourism in the water treatment area, so far, more than 1000 mineral springs have been identified. Cheap medical services, as well as other countries in the region, are among the other benefits of Iran for activities in the field of therapeutic tourism. But; due to the lack of a comprehensive system of health tourism in the country and the fact that these hospitals are not currently required to report the number of their patients to the ministry of health, there is no accurate statistics of foreign patients treated in Iran. There is also no exact data from those who travel to Iran for the purpose of treatment or use of centers such as water treatment centers, but according to the authorities, 20,000 tourists from the Persian Gulf and Iraq, each year, usually travel for medical purposes in different cities of Iran. They do treatment of diseases such as infertility, plastic surgery and beauty, as well as tooth implantation and gum surgery are the most important health therapies for foreigners. Most of the patients refer to Iranian health centers from the region. The existence of several decision-making organizations about health tourism necessitates the creation of a comprehensive structure and framework for health tourism. Each of the involved devices has views on the issue that the lack of a comprehensive system of some of these views is in conflict. Another necessary facility for people who travel to the country for treatment is to have a treatment visa in order to enter the country without formalities. On the other hand, the establishment of specific laws, supervision of the agencies responsible for health tourism in the country and the accountability of the official organs facilitates this issue. Despite these specific rules, hospitals are obliged to provide statistics for their foreign patients, and this allows for scheduling statistics for the responsible authorities. Establishing facilities that patients can manage after-disease recovery in Iran is also one of the issues that requires the coordination of responsible agencies and the construction of specific sites and complexes. In addition to the needs mentioned, water treatment centers and natural hot springs of the country also require special investments in order to attract tourists because these springs do not have much success in attracting tourists to the present situation.

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