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26 March 2019

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Introduction of Noor Eye Hospital


Noor Eye Hospital is the first private super speciality ophthalmology hospital in Iran. It has facilities like referral system, super speciality consultations services, knowlegeable and highly experienced team of ophthalmologists, modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and well-trained personnel and in a beautiful and peaceful environment offers a full range of ophthalmology services to patients. Due to having the pioneering technology and cutting-edge scientific techniques, Noor Eye Hospithal becomes the superior ophthalmology center in Iran and the Middle East. In order to improve patients satisfaction, No. 82 Clinic of Noor Eye Hospital on Esfandiar Street was set up and all clinical and paraclinical services were transferred from the hospital building to the new center.

With the establishment of the clinic, it was possible to reach out to medica ophthalmology services in a shorter time. The clinic has been equipped with the most advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and eye care products (lenses, glasses and special tools for patients with low vision), besides, experienced ophthalmologists and trained personnel.


Why Noor Hospital ?


  1. The most advanced devices and equipment
  2. The best and most experienced physicians and ophthalmologists Read More
  3. Relaxing environment for the patient as well as patient companions
  4. Contractor with most government and private insurance
  5. Provide all health services, diagnostic and eye care in one place
  6. A collection of the best and most trusted brands of lenses and glasses





• Performing the first refractive surgery using LASIK and excimer laser in Iran

• Performing the first laser surgery to treat corneal opacities

• The highest number of refractive surgeries in Iran and the Middle East

• Implanting intracorneal ring segments for the correction of myopia and keratoconus (for the first time in the country)

• Performing the first cataract surgery using phaco method and the first cataract surgery using laser

• The establishment of the first diabetes clinic for monitoring eye conditions in patients with diabetes in Iran

• Performing the first CXL surgery in Iran to control keratoconus progression

• Offering a variety of modern techniques of corneal transplantation (femtosecond assisted PK, DALK, DSAEK, DMEK)

• First artificial iris implant and eye color change in Iran

• Establishing the best equipped and the most perfect Low Vision Clinic in Iran

• The implantation of various types of modern intraocular lenses (Ultra thin IOLs, Multifocal ReSTOR, Artiflex) for the first time in Iran

• Establishing the first super-speciality keratoconus clinic and the first super-specialty clinic for cornea external diseases

• Establishing the first private ophthalmic research center in Iran with the authorization of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

• Establishing the exclusive PROSE clinic with the cooperation of Boston Foundation for Sight in the Middle East

• Performing the first artificial cornea transplantation in Iran

• Performing Femto SMILE surgical technique to correct refractive errors in myopia patients

Noor in Photo


Health Unit


CCU-Cardiac intensive Care Unit

Emergency Unit

ICUG-Intensive Care Unit


internal diagnosis unit

Obstetrics and Gynecology Unit


Surgery Rooms

Surgery Unit


Hemodialysis Unit

Hospital Map

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