A trip to North & Northeast of IRAN

6 - 9 Days

A trip to North & Northeast of IRAN

7 Days trip to North of Iran



  • Visiting 4 of the UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • Intracting the local people of different cities with different cultures, themes and even Farsi accents.
  • Wonderful landscapes, Rocky village, Castle at the top of a mountain, Beautiful evergreen nature.
  • Relaxing in the Sar Ein spas which are famous for their medical purposes.
  • Visiting local markets for their local products and souvenirs.



A one of a kind journey to the north and north western part of great Iran.

A Self-discovery trip to Iran’s the mysterious sites, pristine nature and breathtaking landscapes that are rare and quite extraordinary yet meeting of with the local people in each area whom are famous for their hospitality.

Tasting the well-known Persian food in the day then Residing in rural houses and adobe-made homes at night. The best experience just to see a tiny bit of Iran’s history and culture.


Tabriz – Iran


7 Days


Tehran – Iran



This tour idea is fully customizable

This itinerary has been crafted by our Local Agency with one idea in mind: to inspire you. Every element can be adapted to your needs and your interests, from duration to accommodation and activities.

Tour idea


Day 1: Tabriz

Our agent will visit you at Tabriz Airport. Tabriz bazaar is one of the most attractive places of this city (UNESCO World Heritage). Tabriz bazaar has different sections which are allocated for special businesses. There is a good and rich market of carpet in TabrizMarket. Qajar Museum is the other attractive/Tourism places of Tabriz city.


Day 2:  Jolfa

We will travel towards Jolfa city at Northeast of Iran and exactly on Iran-Nakhjavan territory. Jolfa is one of the best climatic cities of Iran. Although it is very cold in winters. Churches around Jolfa have worldwide fames. Saint Stepanos Monastery has been registered in UNESCO world heritage. Choopan Church is an attractive building of this city. Besides all above-mentioned attractions, Jolfa is an attractive city. After visiting of Jolfa, we will return back to Tabriz.


Day 3: Tabriz - Sahand volcanic mountain

Tabriz is a city full of attractive locations. We will visit Masjid Jame and Shahriyar tomb. Shahriyar is a very famous poet of Iran. Then we will continue our visit towards an interesting village on Sahand
volcanic mountain. Kandovan village is the only rocky village of the world with some permanent residents there. It is 7000 years old with hand- crashed stone houses. We will spend the night in a hotel near to the village. That hotel has a historical form like the village.


Day 4: Kandovan

We will continue our trip from Kandovan towards Sar-Ein. Sar-Ein is located on Sabalan hillside the other volcanic mountain of Iran. Sabalan is the third height mountain of Iran with a height of 4811 meters. We will observe its landscape. Sar-Ein is famous for its hot water-springs. There are some hot-water springs with therapeutic properties in this city. We will enjoy from swimming in the mentioned hot-water springs. After that, we will go towards Ardebil.


Day 5: tomb of Sheikh Safieddin Ardebili

We will visit the tomb of Sheikh Safieddin Ardebili (UNESCO World Heritage). It is also a memory of dead people in Chaldoran War which was one of the historical wars of Iran. We will go from Ardebil towards another exclusive villages of Iran. Masouleh village is located at
mountain hillside and besides hircanian forests. The roof of a house is the courtyard of the other. There is not any coming/going of vehicles in village’s alleys. We will spend the night at traditional context of that village.


Day 6: Rudkhan Castle

We will go towards Rudkhan Castle as the most beautiful castles of Iran. After passing about 1000 steps in the heart of hircanian forests, suddenly we will reach to this historical castle. The other attractive place is Guilan Rural Heritage Museum. We will reach to Rasht city at night and will reside there. Foods of Northern part of Iran are famous around the world: Mirza Ghasemi, Baghla Ghatogh, Fish of Caspian sea and …


Day 7: Tehran

We will go towards Tehran from Rasht and visit Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage) and Tehran Great bazaar. At night we will go toward Imam Khomeini International Airport and the group will leave Iran accordingly.

What’s Included

  1. Inter-airport transfer
  2. Vehicle in accordance with number of people
  3. Foreign Language guide
  4. Full Board
  5. 3 Entrances per day


What’s Excluded

  1. International transportation
  2. Iranian Dedicated Sim Card purchase
  3. Domestic trip insurance
  4. Probable therapeutic costs
  5. Iranian Visa

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This tour idea is fully customizable

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Approx. 950 / 7 days

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