Short Cultural Visit

3 - 6 Days


  • UNESCO world heritage sites
  • Historic mosques from Pahlavi, Qajar, Safavid and Seljuq periods
  • Persian gardens and historic Persian architecture designed houses
  • Milad tower
  • Masoumeh Shrine
  • Palaces and Bazaars in every city with their own unique characteristics



A special journey for our dear Indonesian tourists to get the best of every aspect in Iran.

The trip starts from Isfahan the city of enamels which was the capital of historic Safavid era and is known for its many historical and cultural treasures like ancient special mosques, baths, gardens and palaces then continue our trip up to Kashan the famous city of carpet visit historical houses and famous Persian gardens along the bazaar of this marvelous city.

After that to visit Tehran the capital of Iran that has two totally different regions in it The Classical and The Modern part. Enjoying this wonderful populated city with its bazaars and awesome attractions and to end this beautiful trip.


Isfahan – Iran


6 Days


Tehran – Iran



This tour idea is fully customizable

This itinerary has been crafted by our Local Agency with one idea in mind: to inspire you. Every element can be adapted to your needs and your interests, from duration to accommodation and activities.

Tour idea

Day 1: Arriving at Isfahan

According to the time of arrival to Isfahan, if the time was right we have the opportunity to have a half day tour around Isfahan to see its wonders. And if not the tourists will be transferred from the airport to the hotel directly.
Accommodation: 3* Hotel or Traditional Hotel
Meals: Full Board

Day 2: Isfahan city tour

In the second day heading towards Naghshe Jahan famous square that contains a big bazaar with its various products and souvenir. Visiting Three wonderful attractions there, Shah mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque and the palace of Aliqapo. After that seeing the famous historical bridges representing Persian architecture. Spending the night at the hotel.
Accommodation: 3* Hotel or Traditional Hotel
Meals: Full Board

Day 3: Rest of Isfahan then to Kashan

Continuing the visit of Isfahan for the third day and start from visiting the general mosque of Isfahan from Seljuq period then heading to the Persian garden of 40 Columns to see its palace. Then Seeing the Vank Church and Armenian district of Isfahan. After that beginning the journey to Kashan. Spending the night in Kashan in a traditional Persian hotel.
Accommodation: Traditional Hotel

Meals: Full Board

Day 4: Kashan city tour then to Tehran

Starting today with the historical houses of Kashan, Broujerdi and Tabatabayi Houses yet heading to the ancient public bath of Amir Ahmad. Then to the Persian Fin garden to see its wonders. After that having a brief visit to Kashan bazaar and going to Tehran for the rest of this trip but on the way visiting the Holy Masoumeh Shrine to have a special time there. Spending the night at the hotel in Tehran.
Accommodation: 3* Hotel
Meals: Full Board

Day 5: Tehran city tour

Heading to the northern part of Tehran to see the palace of Niavaran from the Pahlavi period the former kingdom of Iran before the revolution. Then to the bazaar of Tajrish to see Persian handicrafts and souvenirs also to visit the shrine of Saleh located near the bazaar. After that to the Milad tower the symbol of modern Tehran and the famous world-known Nature Bridge. Spending the night at the hotel.
Accommodation: 3* Hotel
Meals: Full Board

Day 6: End of the tour

Transferring to airport to leave the country

What’s Included

  1. Vehicle in accordance with number of people
  2. Multilingual guide
  3. Full Board
  4. Entrances according to your itinerary
  5. 3* hotel accommodation
  6. Airport Transfers
  7. If your tour requires inside country flights that will be added to your price


What’s Excluded

  1. International transportation
  2. Iranian Dedicated Sim Card purchase
  3. Domestic trip insurance
  4. Probable therapeutic costs
  5. Iranian Visa

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Price details

This tour idea is fully customizable

The price reflects this specific itinerary and is designed to give you an idea of the budget required for this destination. Throughout the trip-planning process, our local agency will tailor your itinerary around your budget.

Approx. 970 / 6 days

Excluding international flights

Per Person 2 Pax 6 Pax 12 Pax
DBL 970 Euros 693 Euros
599 Euros
1070 Euros
795 Euros
699 Euros


The journey of visiting the capital of Iran with all its features and attractions.


A special journey for our dear Indonesian tourists to get the best of every aspect in Iran.


Discover the underground city near the famous Silk-Way to know more about its wonderful tales



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