Tour The Oldest Cultural Cities In The World

12 - 18 Days

Tour The Oldest Cultural Cities In The World

15 Days Private History tour itinerary for Iran



  • Classical and Modern poles of Tehran
  • Bazaars full of souvenirs and handicrafts
  • Palaces, Mosques, Castles and Persian Gardens
  • Golden sands of desert along with evergreen forests
  • Different cultures and life styles of Persians
  • UNESCO world heritage sites



A nice trip to begin from northern part of Iran with its evergreen Hyrcanian forests, a UNESCO natural world heritage site.

Visiting northern cities facing the Caspian Sea then continuing our trip down south to Tehran the capital. Then to Kashan the city of historical houses.

After that to Isfahan with the title of Half the World.

Yet to reach Yazd the city of marbles and tiles and in the end reaching the ancient capital of Iran Shiraz and see history sites old enough to reach 2500 years ago.


Tehran – Iran


15 Days


Shiraz – Iran


Culture and History

This tour idea is fully customizable

This itinerary has been crafted by our Local Agency with one idea in mind: to inspire you. Every element can be adapted to your needs and your interests, from duration to accommodation and activities.

Tour idea


Day 1: Arrival in Tehran

Post your arrival in Tehran, depending on your mood and preference, you will be taken for a sightseeing tour of the city. The sightseeing includes visits to Golestan Palace, Carpet Museum, National Museum, etc.
You also have the option to go deep into young Iranian meet-up and gathering areas to know more about the culture & lifestyle, followed by a cup of tea. Have dinner on the bank of a stream.
Overnight stay at the hotel.


Day 2: Travel to Masouleh

Today, you will travel to Masuleh. On the way to Masouleh, stop by in Qazvin for a sightseeing tour.
After the sightseeing tour, continue the journey to Masuleh.
Upon arrival, take a walking tour in this exotic village.
Overnight stay.

Ruudkhan castle

Day 3: Visit to Rudkhan castle

Start the day with a drive to Rudkham Castle and enjoy an hour's hike to the castle.
Thereafter, drive to Bandar-e Anzali and enjoy a walk at Caspian Sea beaches.
Overnight stay at the accommodation.


Day 4: Wetland tour

Early in the morning, rent a boat and take a tour of wetlands.
Enjoy watching endemic and migrant birds.
Overnight stay at the hotel.


Day 5: To the capital city

Proceed to Tehran (Visiting either of old Tehran and modern Tehran is your choice).
In old Tehran, you can visit Golestan Palace, National Museum and National Jewelry Museum.
In modern Tehran,you get a chance to see some of the last dynasty palaces.
Have lunch near a stream in Darband Valley.
Overnight stay at the hotel.


Day 6: Kashan tour

On this day, you proceed to Kashan.
On the way to Kashan, you can stop in Qom to see the famous Fatima Masumeh Shrine.
Overnight stay in Kashan.


Day 7: Explore ancient Iranian culture

Travel to the historic Abyaneh village near Kashan, located at the foot of the Karkas Mountain. In this village, the Iranian ancient style of living, civilization and culture is still evident.
Thereafter, drive to Isfahan via 33 Bridge and Khajoo Bridge.
Upon arrival in Isfahan, check in to the hotel.
Overnight stay.


Day 8: Isfahan sightseeing

Enjoy sightseeing in the town. Marvel at the amazing Royal Square (Meydan-e-Naghshe Jahan), the perplexing architecture of Imam Mosque, impressive tile work at Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and the telling paintings at Aliqapoo Palace.
Return to hotel for an overnight stay.


Day 9: Isfahan ruins and historical sites

Today, you will make the most of your stay in Isfahan as you visit Vank Church, Ruins of Zoroastrians, and the fire temple of Isfahan.
Later, visit Imam Square and its bustling bazars.
Return to hotel for an overnight stay.


Day 10: Meybod tour

Start off for your next destination - Yazd. On the way to Yazd, visit Narin Castle in Maybod, and check out local clay handy crafts.
Arrival and overnight stay in Yazd.


Day 11:Dig into the history of Yazd

Today, explore the City of Zoroastrian’s as you visit Ostudans (graves), ancient temples, and a museum displaying various exhibits related to their lifestyle.
Take a walk through the narrow turning alleys and visit the magnificent entrance of Jameh Mosque with its tall minarets and amazing ceramic work.
Later, visit the Amir Chakhmaq Complex known for its impressive symmetry.
Return to hotel for an overnight stay.


Day 12:Pasargadae

Start your journey to Pasargadae.
On the way, stop by in Abarkooh to visit a 4,000-year-old cypress tree.
Arrival in Pasargadae.
Overnight stay in a 100-year-old clay house.


Day 13: Achamenid era

Explore Persepolis and Necropolis peep into the intriguing legacy and history of Persian empires.
Overnight stay at the accommodation.


Day 14: Shiraz sightseeing

Today, you will explore the wonders of Zand architecture including the amazing Vakil Mosque and the attractive bazaar where you can find tantalizing handicrafts and other artwork.
In the evening, meet some warm Iranians in Hafez Tomb.
Return to the hotel for overnights stay.


Day 15: Departure

Take pleasure in having a cup of tea in a Persian garden.
Witness the marvelous glass and light work in Nasirolmolk Mosque
At the end of the tour, leave for Tehran.

What’s Included

  1. Vehicle in accordance with number of people
  2. Foreign Language guide
  3. Accommodations (Hotel, Localhouse, Traditional House)
  4. Full Board
  5. All entrances based on itinerary


What’s Excluded

  1. International transportation
  2. Iranian Dedicated Sim Card purchase
  3. Domestic trip insurance
  4. Probable therapeutic costs
  5. Iranian Visa

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This tour idea is fully customizable

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Approx. 1400/ 15 days

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The journey of visiting the capital of Iran with all its features and attractions.


A special journey for our dear Indonesian tourists to get the best of every aspect in Iran.


Discover the underground city near the famous Silk-Way to know more about its wonderful tales



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