Historical Route of Iran

9 - 12 Days


  • Bustling bazaars full of Iranian handicrafts, products and souvenirs
  • Famous UNESCO world heritage sites of Iran
  • Persian gardens and their exceptional architecture
  • Underground City
  • Different periods of Persian empire with their own specific cultures and life style
  • Colorful mosques and wonderful squares
  • Ancient castles and palaces
  • The Red City (Abyaneh)
  • Golden Desert of Maranjab with its Desert entertainments
  • Iranian special cuisine



A classic journey to follow the History line of Persia. Visiting several Persian periods and empires with their monuments, architecture, culture and life style. From Shiraz that carries different history lines from 2500 years ago to Isfahan the most educated city of Iran with the nickname of Half of the World then to Kashan the bearer of Persian garden with its outstanding bazaar and beautiful historical mansions. Moreover, there is going to be an adventure in the desert and the Red City right before we reach Tehran the capital of Iran.




11 Days





This tour idea is fully customizable

This itinerary has been crafted by our Local Agency with one idea in mind: to inspire you. Every element can be adapted to your needs and your interests, from duration to accommodation and activities.

Tour idea

Day 1: Entering Tehran and Flight to Shiraz

Upon arrival to Imam Khomeini International Airport, our agent will join you immediately.

We will go towards Mehrabad Airport for making an air transfer to Shiraz.

In case there was enough time between your arrival to Tehran and flight to Shiraz, we will visit Iranian Carpet Museum and also National Jewelry Museum at Tehran.

Iranian Carpet Museum is the center of the most exquisite hand-made carpets.

Iranian carpets are famous around the world. Weaving art of two Iranian carpets have been registered at UNESCO intangible culture heritage.

Then we will go to Mehrabad Airport for a travel to Shiraz. We will spend the night at a hotel in Shiraz accordingly.

Day 2: Shiraz city tour

We will visit Vakil Market, Eram Garden (UNESCO World Heritage), Shah-e-Cheragh, Karim Khan Castle and beautiful Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque (Pink mosque).

Shiraz is one of the most famous cities of Iran.

It is a custom for everybody who travel to Shiraz to visit the tombs of two great poets of Iranian Literature, Hafiz & Saa’di.

Shirazi Faloodeh (A sweet syrup) is a delicious meal at Shiraz which we will certainly test it.

Day 3: Persepolis and Pasargadae visit then to Isfahan

It is the turn for visiting the glory of ancient Iran.

We will visit Mystical city of Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage), Naqsh-e-Rustam and Pasargadae (UNESCO World Heritage), tomb of Cyrus the Great.

Then we will continue our trip towards Isfahan. We, Iranians believe that Isfahan is the half of the world. The night will be spent in Isfahan.

Day 4: Isfahan city tour

Zayanderud is one of the most famous rivers of Iran.

There are some historical bridges on its way such as Si-o-Se-Pol and Khajoo bridges.

We will also visit the Jolfa district and Vank Cathedral. Menar Jonban is another attractive places of Isfahan.

It is one of the great mosques of Iran which by moving a minaret, the other minaret will move accordingly.

Day 5: Isfahan city tour

Today belongs to the visit of the Naghsh-e-Jahan square (UNESCO World Heritage) with Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Aliqapo Palace and Abbasid Mosque in it and also the Traditional Market of Isfahan.

Then after having lunch in a Persian traditional restaurant we will head to Chehel Sotoon Palace (UNESCO World Heritage) which represents fine Iranian architecture and Persian Garden.

Day 6: The Crimson Village

While traveling from Isfahan to Kashan, we will firstly visit a historical & beautiful village named Abyaneh.

The buildings and even soil of this city is covered in Red and the people there speaking a very ancient Persian language that belongs to 2500 years ago.

The village itself offers souvenirs and historical houses with traditional cafes.

After visiting the village we will head towards Kashan and spend the night in there.

Day 7: To Kashan

Today in Kashan we will visit the historical mansions Boroujerdiha and Tabatabaii Houses, Fin Garden (UNESCO World Heritage) and Kashan market as well.

After spending a complete day at Kashan we will reside in a traditional hotel at night.

Day 8: The Underground City (Nooshabad)

Near Kashan there is an underground city named Nooshabad which is an ancient city from the past ages of Iran.

It’s a city where people used to hide and live there in the times of bandit attacks and it has tunnels, rooms, and traps to keep away bandits.

The night will again be spent in Kashan

Day 9: The Golden Desert

From Kashan we will head towards the Maranjab desert and changing the vehicle to a 4WD car suitable for desert to enjoy, walking over Golden Sands, desert entertainment, beautiful dusk and dawn of the desert and also Stargazing in the night if the weather was fine.

The night also will be spent in the Abbasid Caravanserai, a traditional historic place in the middle of desert to experience desert life style there.

Day 10: To Tehran

We will travel to Tehran from Maranjab desert.

On arrival we will visit National Iranian Museum and also Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage) which is located in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran. At night, we will go to a hotel for rest.

Day 11: End of tour

This day is reserved for leaving the country but depending on the time of your flight there will be more touristic attractions in Tehran which are interesting to see like Milad Tower, Niavaran and Saad Abad Palaces of Pahlavi Period and Abo Atash Park with the Nature Bridge and The Cellar of King Kong (Astronomy Museum) in it.

What’s Included

  1. Domestic Flights (Will be reduced from total price in case the flight from Hong Kong to Shiraz is made instead of Tehran)
  2. Inter-airport transfer
  3. Vehicle in accordance with number of people
  4. 4WD car suitable for desert
  5. Foreign language guide
  6. Full Board
  7. Entrances based on your itinerary
  8. 3* Hotel, Caravanserai and Traditional Houses for accommodation

What’s Excluded

  1. Iranian Dedicated Sim Card purchase
  2. Domestic trip insurance
  3. Probable therapeutic costs
  4. Camel Riding, ATV and Safari in the desert
  5. Iranian Visa

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This tour idea is fully customizable

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The journey of visiting the capital of Iran with all its features and attractions.


A special journey for our dear Indonesian tourists to get the best of every aspect in Iran.


Discover the underground city near the famous Silk-Way to know more about its wonderful tales


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