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Itinerary trip to persia



Bustling bazaar of Tehran with its handicrafts and souvenirs

UNESCO global heritage sites

Marvelous lake in the middle of dry desert

Unique Mesr village located in the middle of the desert

Desert Food, Life Style and entertainments

Hot spring and spa



On this memorable trip we would explore the deserts of Iran and their many astonishments. Iran has two main deserts: Dasht-e-Kavir which is known as the great Salt desert and Dasht-e-Lut. The desert of Lut has been recorded in UNESCO’s world heritage. Lut is the warmest zone on the earth and is full of wonders and beauties that you must see closely. In the rest of the trip we will go to some of Iran’s famous and spectacular cities such as Yazd, Shiraz, and

Isfahan all of them have several recorded pieces in the UNESCO’s world heritage list.


Tehran – Iran


18 Days


Isfahan – Iran


Safari and Culture

This tour idea is fully customizable

This itinerary has been crafted by our Local Agency with one idea in mind: to inspire you. Every element can be adapted to your needs and your interests, from duration to accommodation and activities.

Tour idea

Day 1 : tehran

Our agent will greet you at the Imam Khomeini Airport. Considering the time of your arrival we would go to Tehran and visit places such as Golestan Palace (UNESCO’s global heritage) and Grand Bazaar or we would straightly go to Dasht- e-Kavir. Our first day stay would end with camping next to the shores of “Howz e Soltan Lake”.

Day 2 : Kashan

On this day we would leave for Kashan and visit the town’s sites; places like “Borujerdi House”, “Fin Garden” (UNESCO’s global heritage), and Bazaar of Kashan. For sleeping we will go to the villagers’ houses on the boarders of the city.

Day 3 : Mesr

Early in the morning we will leave Kashan for the “Mesr” village located in the Dasht-e-Kavir. This spectacular village is one of the most beautiful places to be visited in Iran. We would also spend the night there.

Day 4 : Tabas

From Mesr we will go to the bride of Iran’s desert cities; Tabas. Tabas is a place with many natural, geographical and rural attractions. “Kal Jenni Canyon”, “Morteza Ali Hot Spring” and “Esfahak Village” are some of the many touristic sites that you will visit. We would also stay here for the night.

Day 5 : Tabas

This day is dedicated to visiting the attractions of Tabas and sleeping in

the local’s houses.

Day 6 : Nay Band

Our next stop after Tabas is “Nay Band” village. This village is located at the border of the two most important deserts in Iran; Dasht-e-Kavir and Lut. This beautiful and magnificent village is full of wonders and would make a memorable day for any tourist. We would camp on the margins of the village for the night.

Day 7 : Ravar County

On this day we will leave Nay Band for “Ravar County” and our next

stop would be camping in the desert.

Day 8 : Shahdad

From Ravar we will go to “Shahdad” where we would spend the night at the villagers’ houses and after that we will leave for Lut.

Day 9 : Shazde Garden

Travelling to Kerman and visiting “Shazde Garden” and spending the

night in a hotel in the city is our plan for this day.

Day 10 : Rafsanjan

We will travel from Kerman to Rafsanjan to pay a visit to one of Iran’s most beautiful valleys. “Rageh Canyon” with its unique geographical structure is one of this trips’ highlights. We would then sleep in the local’s houses.

Day 11 : Rocky village of Meymand

On this day we will go to the “Rocky village of Meymand” (UNESCO’s

global heritage) and spend the night.

Day 12 : Yazd

In the twelfth day you will visit Yazd and also stay the night. The historical texture and architecture of the city has been recorded in UNESCO’s global heritage.

Day 13 : Amir Chakhmagh

We will visit “Amir Chakhmagh” mosque, “Jame Mosque of Yazd” and

a few other places and stay at a hotel for the night.

Day 14 : Abarkuh

Our plan is to travel from Yazd to “Abarkuh” to see the ancient old cypress of the city which is one the oldest trees in the world. During the rest of the trip we will also visit two important ancient sites: Pasargadae and Persepolis (UNESCO’s global heritage). At nighttime we would go to a hotel in Shiraz.

We will visit “Amir Chakhmagh” mosque, “Jame Mosque of Yazd” and

a few other places and stay at a hotel for the night.

Day 15 : Nasir-ol-molk

This day is dedicated for visiting the “Nasir-ol-molk” mosque, AKA the “Pink mosque”, “Arg of Karim Khan” and one of Iran’s famous Bazaars; The Vakil Bazaar. Visiting the tombs of two great Iranian poets; Hafez and Saadi and

also “Eram Garden” is also on the schedule. After that we will go back to the hotel.

Day 16 : Isfahan

Resting and exiting the country.

(If you prefer there will be a two-day visit to Isfahan added to the package and therefore exiting would be from Isfahan)

Day 17 : Zayanderud

“Zayanderud” isone  of  Iran’s  well-known  rivers  and  has several historical bridges over it. “Khaju Bridge” and “Si-o-se-pol” are among those. “New Jolfa” and the “Vank Cathedral” are on the visiting list too. “Menarjonaban” is also a touristic site which we will also visit. Menarjonban is a monument. The minarets in the mosque are responsible for the fame of this place. due to the ratio between the height and width of the minarets and the width of the iwan, if one minaret is shaken, the other will shake in unison.

Day 18 :  Isfahan

This day is for resting and exiting the country from Isfahan.

What’s Included

Vehicle in accordance with number of people

Foreign Language guide

All Stays (Hotel, Localhouse, Tent)

All food meals

All entrance costs to historical places

Inter-cities & airport transfers are various according to the number of people. But we will provide personal automobiles, Van and Middle Bus according to the number of people. All vehicles have suitable quality with necessary air-conditioning.

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This tour idea is fully customizable

The price reflects this specific itinerary and is designed to give you an idea of the budget required for this destination. Throughout the trip-planning process, our local agency will tailor your itinerary around your budget.

Approx. 1900 / 18 days

Excluding international flights

Per Person 2 Pax 6 Pax 12 Pax
DBL 1900 Euros 1300 Euros
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The journey of visiting the capital of Iran with all its features and attractions.


A special journey for our dear Indonesian tourists to get the best of every aspect in Iran.


Discover the underground city near the famous Silk-Way to know more about its wonderful tales


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