Ascending to highest peaks of Iran Damavand and Alamkouh

9 - 12 Days


  • Two acclimatization programs
  • Ascending to Alamkouh peak the second highest after Damavand with 4250 meters of height
  • Shoreline of the Caspian Sea
  • Hiking and mountaineering to the Damavand peak
  • Resting in local houses and hut shelters



An awesome athletic adventure for those who crave for hiking and mountaineering. This program with a physical rating of 4 / 5 is dedicated to athletes whom are familiar with mountains and are experienced in its related sports. You will face the challenges of reaching two highest peaks of Iran, where Damavand is the highest volcanic mountain in Asia and also the highest peak in the middle east area, with 5610 meters of height.




10 Days





This tour idea is fully customizable

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Tour idea

Day 1: Entering Tehran

Entering Tehran then directly transfer to the hotel

Day 2: To mountain road of Kandovan

Starting the wonderful journey by getting on the road of Kandovan to reach Kelardasht (4 to 6 hours).

Then transferring to Vandarben hikers camp (2200 meters) with local vehicles.

Day 3: To Tang Galoo camp and starting ascension

After having breakfast and packing the equipment we will start again to ascend for 1 hour in the local vehicle to reach the area of Tang galoo, from there we begin ascending for 2 or 3 hours to Hesarchal, equipment will be carried with mules.

In this day you will rest in the height of 3800 and in the camp. The night is being spent in the tent.

Day 4: To Lashkarak Peak

After having breakfast in order for acclimatization we will ascend to Laskarak peak (4250 meters), 4 to 5 hours is the regular time it takes to go there and come back.

In this ascension in 4000 meters of height, there is a beautiful lake there which we will visit.

Spending the night at the tent.

Day 5: Ascending to Alamkouh Peak

Early in the morning after having breakfast the team will start to ascend towards the Alamkouh peak.

Based on the strength of group it might take 4 to 6 hours for ascending and 2 to 3 hours for descending.

After having lunch moving towards the camp of Tang Galoo and using the transfer for the rest of the trip to reach Vandarben. Spending the night at the Camp.

Day 6: To Kelardasht

After having breakfast in the morning, we will head to Kelardasht.

Then after changing cars we continue up to Caspian Sea shoreline.

We will rest in the altitude of -15.

After that we head towards Nandel village located in the northern side of Damavand.

Spending the night in the fully equipped mountain local houses.

Day 7: Ascending to the Altitude of 4350

In the morning after having breakfast we will head to the height of 2900 meters with local transfer vehicle.

Then starting mountaineering to reach 4350 meters in 4 to 6 hours approximately.

Main equipment will be carried with mules. We enjoy the beautiful sights of the professional camping area.

Spending the night in a tent at pro camp.

Day 8: Getting Ready for the Main Ascension

After Having breakfast in order for acclimatization we will ascend to the altitude of 4800 and then returning to the camp to get ready for the main ascension day.

Day 9: Damavand Peak

Starting to ascend to the peak of Damavand summit from the north eastern side.

On the way we will pass long valleys and glaciers and based on the power of the team it might take from 5 to 6 hours to reach the peak itself.

Then to return to the camp which also takes 3 hours and resting in the camp. Spending the night at the pro camp tent.


Day 10: To Tehran

After having dinner starting to descend for 3 hours to reach the local transfer area from the mountainside of Damavand.

Then with the local vehicles we will move to Nandel Village.

After having lunch there and a brief rest we will head to Tehran which takes 3 to 4 hours. Spending the night at the hotel in Tehran.

What’s Included

  1. Accommodations include Hotel, Local houses and Shelters also tents for higher elevations in Damavand
  2. Using a mule carrier for Damavand that carries 15 kg per person
  3. Domestic and touristic transport vehicles
  4. Mountaineering expert Multilingual guide
  5. Assistant guide in case of a group more than 2 people
  6. Full Board with snacks and side meals for ascension
  7. Damavand climbing permit fee

What’s Excluded

  1. International transportation
  2. Iranian Dedicated Sim Card purchase
  3. Domestic trip insurance
  4. Probable therapeutic costs
  5. Iranian Visa

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This tour idea is fully customizable

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Approx. 1995 / 10 days

Excluding international flights

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DBL - - - -
SNG 1995 Euros 1380 1050 990


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